The Creative Process

Following up the comments I made on how often our creativity is played down and not acknowledged I found this clip from Ira Glass, the American public radio broadcaster:

Ira Glass on Creativity and Storytelling

Right-click or ctrl-click this link to download

In many ways this echoes Ken Robinson’s thoughts on how we are not shown how to be creative. If it doesn’t come easily, then we must be no good so we give up. Though I will confess that I love Glass’ idea that if you have good taste you will persevere. I’ve been persevering for years so my taste must be blooming excellent!

Can storytelling function as a way into the creative process? The beauty of traditional oral storytelling is that the stories themselves help in the teaching. The very act of telling each story helps us learn no matter how often we repeat a tale. The people who listen to your re-tellings probably teach you more than anyone else.

Limor Shiponi has created both a 2D image and a 3D visualisation of this process in action in her latest blog post My Lumpini Park storytelling revelation. I did try visualising the 3 rotating spheres she has conjured up and this is extraordinarily difficult but I do understand the kind of magic she refers to at the intersection of these spheres. This is where the story, the teller and the audience come together to create a unique moment.

It comes as no surprise that the inspiration for Limor’s visualisation should come from witnessing the Eastern practice of tai chi, which is a very special kind of mindful behaviour. Maybe this is where the key to our creativity lies.

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