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A first visit: I generally come into schools to provide pure storytelling sessions. Here are few themes I particularly enjoy working on and that are always popular:

  • Inclusive storytelling – stories with Makaton signing
  • Environment – I have a fine collection of tree stories to share plus many more
  • Creation myths
  • Greek myths
  • Roman myths
  • Viking myths
  • Wonder tales
  • Icelandic sagas
  • British and European folklore
  • Plant hunters

Classroom or library sessions for small groups are ideal and I will happily fit in with your school timetable. Generally sessions of 30-45mins work well. Larger, more formal performances to whole year groups or assemblies are also possible.

Follow up visits: Most of the schools I visit become regular clients, there are several that I have visited each year for long enough to see the pupils from Nursery to the time they move onto secondary school. The pupils get something new each time and I will happily create individual programmes to fit in with your curriculum needs.

Some suggestions for follow ups include:

  • INSET storytelling skills workshops for teachers
  • Storytelling confidence for parents
  • Evening sessions – cocoa and pajamas optional – for families and/or parents
  • Storytelling skills for children
  • Why not organise a storytelling competition?

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