A few like minded souls:


Sharon Stansfield is an Occupational Therapist working in South Africa. She has more than 20yrs experience working with children with complex learning needs. Her blog some of the themes from her recently published book.


Jim Phillips was the first person to register on my blog so I think I shall give him pride of place here:

We have never met but his site looks interesting. I think it would be hard to live and work in Louisiana and not love stories. I shall be following this site with interest.


Limor Shiponi’s blog is one that I regularly check out, I have even referenced it in my own scribblings. This is definitely worth checking out:


Rahima Abduvalieva is passionate about bringing the works of the Kyrgyz writer Chyngyz Aitmatov to the attention of the English speaking world. Very little of his work has been translated into English but slowly she is working to change this. I have done a little work for her organisation, the Aitmatov Academy. My interest was sparked by reading Jamilia, which was translated by the late Prof J Riordan. This tale hinges on the importance of the Akin in Kyrgyz society and it seems that much of Aitmatov’s work is informed by this connection with the ancient oral tradition of this area.


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